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A10 Thunderbolt II

Only 715 in ever built, these are an awsome ground support aircraft. Wart Hog or just Hog it is nicknamed GU8-8/A avenger gattling gun front mounted give it awsome fire power firing "depleted uranium" armour piercing shells at 3900 rounds per minute. (50 rounds per second initially and then 70 rounds per second thereafter). 6 Direct hits on a battle tank will have that tank destroyed. Over 80% accuracy of targetting also. Aim 9 sidewinder air to air missiles, AGM65 maverick air to surface missiles, cluster bombs and Hydra rocket pods make this craft deadly.

Added: Sep-13-2007 
By: doorman77
Tags: A-10, Thunderbolt II, Wart Hog, gattling gun, jet powered, Ground support aircraft,
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