Saudi princess gets pregnant by Brit, now facing death penalty

Pregnant Saudi Princess Facing Death By Stoning Granted UK Asylum

London, UK (BANG) - A Saudi Arabian princess who is facing the death penalty in her home country has been granted asylum in the UK.

The woman - who is married to a member of the Saudi royal family but had an illegitimate child with a British man - has been allowed to stay in the country after telling a judge she is at risk of being stoned to death if she is sent home.

The woman - who has been granted anonymity by the court - reportedly became pregnant by the non-Muslim British man after beginning a relationship with him when she visited London.

According to Britain's The Independent newspaper, she secretly gave birth in the UK and then took her case to the Immigration and Asylum tribunal.

Under Saudi Arabia's Sharia law system, adultery is punishable by public flogging or execution.

The woman is one of a small number of Saudi Arabian citizens whose asylum claims are not acknowledged publicly by either country's government.