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Father Denies Mistreatment of Neglected Russian Toddler ‘Raised’ by Dogs

'Feral dog' child found in Russia

STUNNED cops find girl who walks on all fours, barks like a dog and laps up food

WE know there are some people out there who wouldn't win any awards for Parent of the Year, but surely being raised by humans has to be better than being brought up by a beast?

This week, a five-year-old girl was found in a flat in the Siberian city of Chita, dressed in filthy clothes, barking at people and 'displaying all the attributes of an animal.'

The girl, known only as 'Natasha', had been shut up in a flat for five years with only cats and dogs for company. As a result, she'd learned their behaviour and could not even speak her native language.

She has now been taken into care, but still exhibits dog-like behaviour, preferring to 'lap' her food from a plate rather than using cutlery, and jumping up against the door when her carers leave the room.


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