About peace marches

There were multiple "peace marches" in Russia and Ukraine as of late.
The only one really reported in Western media was the Peace March in Moscow. And that's a real shame because, frankly, the other ones are much more interesting than "~5 thousand weirdos coming out to show the less than 0.04% level of support US NGOs can get among the people of Moscow".

Firstly, there was this little gem from Odessa - a Euromaidan "Peace" March where protesters demanded weapons from NATO to quash the resistance of ethnic Russians in the East.

Second, there were anti-government "Peace Rallies" in Odessa and Kharkov. The Odessa one was poorly organized and quickly quashed by pro-government activists. The Kharkov one gathered more people, but around a hundred police showed up as well with a water cannon vehicle and an APC. After some pushing and shoving, around two dozen protest leaders were rounded up and driven off to jail as the protest has been declared "Illegal"

Third, the next day NeoNazis were bused into Kharkov to spend half a day trying to topple the Lenin statue in the main square with power tools. Did the police do anything about it? According to locals, they were guarding the vandals. To save face, the local police did say they will "look" for the perpetrators and charge them with vandalism, but the Police Minister Avakov declared soon after that the monument was slated for demolition anyway and so the case is closed (apparently the fact that a man trying to protect the monument was beaten half to death is not worthy of attention - see photo).

[the man below apparently tried to protect the monument]

To add some dark humor to situation, the NeoNazis are apparently not that good at actually accomplishing anything. According to various reports, three to five people have been seriously injured fighting the Leader of Proletariat: one lost an eye (pic, no gore), and one suffered spinal damage.

Looks like this old comment from a previous toppling still applies: