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The shame of the British army!

The shame of the British army!
- We will never forget!
- We will never forgive!

After receiving orders that Croat army do not defend Zagreb
(capital city) but to retreat to Germany to make last stand with the German
nation against the red army, because after evaluation Croatian high command decided
that the Croatian army do not have a chance to defeat the Red army (SSSR) not
the partisans alone but it could succeed doing that with Germans.

Also there was strict orders not to involve in and fights
with US or British army but to tray avoid that at all cost mayor it of the army
and civilians (cca 500 000) withdrawal toward today’s Austria. While in the
retreat toward Germany Berlin had fallen and Germany surrendered so the retracting
Croats surrendered to British army with the term that they will only surrender to
western allies and not to be extradited to Russia or Tito.

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By: croat
Conspiracy, History
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Location: Bleiburg, Carinthia, Austria (load item map)
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