Obama and Brzezinski Lie About Their Close Connections

Confused about Obama? If you want to know what Barack Obama and his agenda are really about, you will have to understand what Zbigniew Brzezinski is about...he, in 2006 or perhaps earlier, became Obama's "New Brain."

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Here Are the Official Transcripts of the Obama Treason Trial (PDF files).

<a href="39803761-CIA-Columbia-Obama-Sedition-and-Treason-Trial-Transcript-of-Day-1-May14-2010.pdf">39803761-CIA-Columbia-Obama-Sedition-and-Treaso..&gt;</a> 28-Oct-2010 18:07 240281
<a href="39803835-CIA-Columbia-Obama-Sedition-and-Treason-Trial-Transcript-of-Day-2-May-15-2010.pdf">39803835-CIA-Columbia-Obama-Sedition-and-Treaso..&gt;</a> 28-Oct-2010 18:07 272665
<a href="39803938-CIA-Columbia-Obama-Sedition-and-Treason-Trial-Transcript-of-Day-3-May-16-2010.pdf">39803938-CIA-Columbia-Obama-Sedition-and-Treaso..&gt;</a> 28-Oct-2010 18:07 185130
<a href="39804001-CIA-Columbia-Obama-Sedition-and-Treason-Trial-Transcript-of-Day-4-May-17-2010.pdf">39804001-CIA-Columbia-Obama-Sedition-and-Treaso..&gt;</a> 28-Oct-2010 18:07 358207
<a href="39804062-CIA-Columbia-Obama-Sedition-and-Treason-Trial-Transcript-of-Day-5-May-18-2010.pdf">39804062-CIA-Columbia-Obama-Sedition-and-Treaso..&gt;</a> 28-Oct-2010 18:07 192837

<a href="OfficialTrascriptsOfTheObamaTreasonTrialpdfFiles_files.xml">OfficialTrascriptsOfTheObamaTreasonTrialpdfFile..&gt;</a> 28-Oct-2010 18:17 2788
<a href="OfficialTrascriptsOfTheObamaTreasonTrialpdfFiles_meta.xml">OfficialTrascriptsOfTheObamaTreasonTrialpdfFile..&gt;</a> 28-Oct-2010 18:17 3496

In May 2010, Pastor Manning of Atlah Ministries teamed up with the American Grand Jury and conducted a 10th Amendment Trial against Obama, Columbia University and the Central Intelligence Agency. Pastor Manning has publicly released the transcripts from the Obama/Columbia Trial. These are the complete transcripts of the hearings which continued for five days. Each file is for one day of the hearings.

You will find stunning facts related to the obfuscated and deliberately concealed history of Barack Hussein Obama, now revealed in sworn testimony given in open court. Among many other important conclusions, it is revealed that B. H. Obama never attended Columbia University. Instead, he was a hand-picked pupil of Zbigniew Brzezinski (who also holds a position at Columbia), and worked with him during those "college" years in a plan to destabilize Afghanistan, and then draw the Soviet Union into a conflict there. Obama was based in Pakistan during his "mystery years", where he assisted and organized the Mujahideen (later to become the Taliban and al Qaeda) in their ensuing armed struggle with the Soviets. To this end, Obama's life has been a trail of deceit and misdirection. Barack Obama continues to quietly operate in a plan devised to demolish Russia as a regional/global power, intended to benefit an axis of major corporations, but with complete disregard to the welfare of the American people as a whole. This accounts for Obama's seemingly bizarre, militaristic and incoherent foreign policy, as well as his callous lack of concern for U.S. citizens or for their economy.

This is not a conspiracy theory. The facts in this case have become well established, as can be seen in these documents and elsewhere.