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Obama and Brzezinski Lie About Their Close Connections

Confused about Obama? If you want to know what Barack Obama and his agenda are really about, you will have to understand what Zbigniew Brzezinski is about...he, in 2006 or perhaps earlier, became Obama's "New Brain."

Here Are the Official Transcripts of the Obama Treason Trial (PDF files).

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39803835-CIA-Columbia-Obama-Sedition-and-Treaso..> 28-Oct-2010 18:07 272665
39803938-CIA-Columbia-Obama-Sedition-and-Treaso..> 28-Oct-2010 18:07 185130
39804001-CIA-Columbia-Obama-Sedition-and-Treaso..> 28-Oct-2010 18:07 358207
39804062-CIA-Columbia-Obama-Sedition-and-Treaso..> 28-Oct-2010 18:07 192837

OfficialTrascriptsOfTheObamaTreasonTrialpdfFile..> 28-Oct-2010 18:17 2788

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