Obama's Radical Leftist Anti-Gun Judicial Nominee Goodwin Liu, Bitch-Slapped Out of Appointment By Republicans

Anti-Gun Nominee Defeated
Thursday, 19 May 2011 16:53
Goodwin Liu Nomination Fail in Senate

He became the first Obama nominee to be successfully filibustered, and the only nominee since 2005.

“[Liu’s writings] suggest a deeply-held commitment to the view that the Constitution can mean pretty much whatever a judge wants it to, that judges can just make it up as they go along.” ~ Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) comments on the Senate floor, Thursday, May 19.
On Thursday, the U.S. Senate rejected President Obama’s pick for a seat on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. In a procedural motion that required 60 votes, Goodwin Liu’s nomination was defeated in a near-party line vote of 52-43.

Liu was perhaps the most radical of Obama’s judicial nominees. The UC Berkley law professor supported the notion that the language of the Constitution is sufficiently ambiguous to bend with the times.

“It becomes pretty clear why ‘originalism’ and ‘strict construction’ don’t make a lot of sense,” Liu said in an interview promoting his book. “The Framers deliberately chose... broad words so they would be adaptable to new challenges over time.”

In Liu’s view, the right to keep and bear arms may have been necessary in the 18th century, but no longer needed.

For these reasons, the Senate was flooded with emails from gun owners insisting that Liu be voted down.

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While Liu’s defeat is a victory for Second Amendment supporters, it is also indicative that Obama is pursuing a course to pull the federal judiciary as far to the left as possible. GOA will continue to expose the disdain with which Obama’s nominees hold the Second Amendment.

(The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is a Federal Court that holds actual jurisdiction over many, but not all state courts.

District of Alaska
District of Arizona
Central District of California
Eastern District of California
Northern District of California
Southern District of California
District of Hawaii
District of Idaho
District of Montana
District of Nevada
District of Oregon
Eastern District of Washington
Western District of Washington
It also has appellate jurisdiction over the following territorial courts:
District Court of Guam)

PHOTO: Goodwin Liu on the right

SOURCE: gunowners.org/a05192011.htm