List of Recent Left Wing Terrorists Inspired By Democrat Media Propaganda

The Wiki Pages for
Domestic Terrorism Needs to be updated badly...I am compiling a list of
Left Wing Terrorists attacks in the US, please update if i have missed
any. - Bombed Petnagon, Killed Police, Obamas friend, baby sat Obamas Kids. - Bombed Pentagon, Killed Police, Obamas Best Friend, Wrote Obamas Book. college professor obsessed with Obama, shot 6 people. - killed 6 year old girl and shot gabby giffords Batman shooter -petnagon shooter Chick Fil A Shooter

David Guy McKay - Plotted to bomb the Pentagon, caught first

Bradley Neil Crowder - Plotted to bomb the Pentagon, caught first Bombed a Recruiting Station - Another left wing college professor psychopath - Holocaust Museum Shooter - Bush Hating Leftist Who Flew His airplane into IRS building 9/11 style Occupy Wall Street, Caught in BOmb Plot. Wall Street Protester Caught Planning to Blow Up Bridges