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Writer: Islamic Charity for Jihad but Not for Needy Unbelievers


Ever wondered why so many Islamic "charities" have turned out to be jihad-financing factories? Here are some telling sections from "21 Common Misconceptions about Zakaah," by Asma bint Shameem, an article that came to me in my morning mailing from the
"Islam_1_God_1_Religion_1_Truth" Yahoo Group. Someone made me a member of that in hopes, I guess, of converting me to Islam. Every mailing contains the tagline, "Only Authentic Information about Islam is passed backed by Quran or Hadith's [sic]."
In them, Asma bint Shameem explains that zakat, the obligatory alms that Muslims must pay, may not be given to non-Muslims, and may not be used to build hospitals, orphanages, or even to print Qur'ans or build mosques, but may be used to finance jihadists.Will Honest Ibe Hooper

Added: Aug-14-2011 
By: Muhammad_ibn_Abdullah
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