NATO 'using PKK against Turkey'

Wed, 10 Oct 2007

The Turkish ""; has alleged NATO forces aid the PKK group in northern Iraq with the goal of generating a crisis in Turkey.

Forces linked to NATO are trying to crush the democratic process of the Turkish presidential election by pushing the PKK (Kurdish Workers Party) to increase its attacks.

During the two months leading to the presidential election, around 100 Turkish soldiers or security personnel have been killed in clashes with the PKK.

PKK's most recent attacks have left 26 people dead, 12 of them civilians. The growing trend of terrorist attacks is seen by many as a move to prevent a new Turkish constitution from being drawn up and an attempt to divide the government from the people, The Zaman reports.

US officers commute to northern Iraq on helicopters to provide the PKK with weapons and logistic support, it adds.

The Pentagon, however, floats the claim that the PKK has acquired US weapons on the black market

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