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Sen. Grassley Releases Smoking Gun ATF Trace Data: ATF/DOJ delayed trace=coverup.

Jaime Avila bought the "target" guns of the anti's (Brady campaign, Ceasefire, VPC)... .50bmg, AK's, the eevil "armor piercing" FN pistol (proven untrue), etc.

Gunwalker Scandal Blows Up. Senator Grassley Releases Smoking Gun ATF Trace Data

Holy frijoles, there is it in black and white: the ATF traces on the guns used to murder Customs and Border Protection Agent Brian Terry. They reveal unequivocally that the ATF met the enemy and it was them. Click here for the actual trace data report sheets and Senator Grassley’s response to the ATF and Department of Justice’s stonewalling. Even for those of us who’ve been following this story, Senator Grassley’s letter is, well, shocking. “The ATF had been tracking [suspected murderer Jaime] Avila’s

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Added: Feb-11-2011 
By: HydrogenEconomy
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