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Anonymous: March 23, 2013 Martial Law is imminent 

Haven't seen anyone mention this on live leak and as it's only one day away, just wondering what your thoughts are on the matter.

Just some quotes I've seen from some patriotic Americans.

My fellow Americans. If martial law is declared on Saturday. I ask that
you brave folks will stand next to me. I am willing to fight to the last
moment. It is unconstitutional to declare martial law. I will not
stand by why the government destroys this nation. If you wish to help
make preparations please contact me. We will need all the help we can

You can worship at the alter of the sheeple if you want, I for one, have
no plan to bow down. The Constitution of the United States is the law
of the land, and I fully expect ALL of the rights of We the People to
be upheld. I took an oath when I joined the Marine Corps to protect and
defend the Constitution. I did

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