Bhuddists massacre Muslims (Burma)

Muslims Massacre Chronology in Myanmar

June – July 2012

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency)
- According to recent News these days, Muslims in Myanmar are in a
disaster situation, thousands have been killed, Tens of houses,
villages, and mosques have been burned and thousands are died because of
bad situation. ABNA has received several news from some Muslims
resisting in the Myanmar that follow in sequence order. We also are
preparing a historical report of this disaster which we publish it soon…

June, 3, 2012

death body of a Buddhist girl was found and she has been raped in
Arakan, Myanmar. A rumor was spreaded that the criminals were Muslims of
Rohingya. So the extremist Buddhists became so angry, and began
attacking Rohingya Muslims, started with killing seven Rohingyas on a
bus. They were in da’wah mission.

A lot of Muslim villages were been burned by the extremist Buddhists.

June, 9, 2012

Pagoda, Maungdaw, Arakan –
A group of Myanmarese soldiers, named NASAKA, were shooting –without
any reason– the Rohingya people in several Muslim villages. All of young
Muslims were arrested. The injured people were not allowed to get
helped so they died.

June, 23, 2012

Hundreds Muslims were arrested by police and NASAKA brought them to a unknown place, and they just disappeared.

Some extremist Buddhists ripped apart al-Quran and peed in a mosque, and the soldiers were just watching.

Buddhists asked money from Muslims, and if they didn’t get it, they
were taking cattle (like cows and goats) which belong to Muslims.

The source of Muslims’ food there are getting scarce.

young Muslims had been beat up and kicked until death, and another
young Muslim had been tortured by Myanmar government soldiers in a
mosque and he had been forced to put his foot on the Quran. After that,
the mosque and all of Qurans which is in had been burned.

June, 24, 2012

of them were shot until die and some of them were buried alive with
their dead friends in a big hole that have been prepared before. This is
government’s agenda to cleansing this ethnic.

June, 26, 2012

the same day, a village leader’s house had been burned by extremist
Buddhists who were come with guns to kill Muslims. Then, the village
leader was brought to soldier camp.

June, 29, 2012

Soldiers began not allowing Muslims to pray in all mosques.

July, 1, 2012

Government soldiers got into several Muslim villages and attacked them and raped a woman Muslim and beat up their youth.

soldiers make an announcement that who want back their family who were
been arrested by them, the people must pay 9.000 dollar America per

Some of Muslims who were arrested had been tortured, killed and raped every time.

July, 3, 2012

Muslim had been killed by extremist Buddhists, on his way to his work
place by cycle. His body had been wear government custom, so that the
Buddhists spread news that a government person had been killed by

extremist Buddhists had catch some of Muslims and asked money from
their family if they wanted to free that is 200,000 Kyat (Myanmar
currency) (about 225 US dollars) per person. Ones who were not been
taken by their family will brought by the extremist Buddhists to another
place, name Mondu.

July, 4, 2012

of extremist Buddhists attacked 5 government soldiers and 3 Muslims in a
market. The soldiers had been beet seriously and brought to hospital.
The 3 Muslims were just disappeared and there were no news about them.

extremist Buddhist group went to a Muslims village and paid to some
government soldiers to cover them. In that village, they killed the men
and raped 200 women until death.

soldier make an announcement that Muslims in all over Muslims area,
(Arakan) can not make and arrange any majlis. They were also not allowed
go out from their houses.

Unfortunately the extremist Buddhists can go to any Muslim's house and raped the Muslim woman anytime they want.

July, 5, 2012

Aziz’s (our source of this news) father had been captured by police –
ketika sedang berdakwah - without any reason and until now there was no
news about him.

July, 6, 2012

In a village, police and soldiers beat up so brutally.

July, 7, 2012

Asyikka Fra, Mondow –The extremist Buddhists who wear police and army
uniform asked from the village leader to brought to them 100 Muslims.

when they had the 100 Muslims, they cut 2 people hand, shot some of
them until death and ask the balance to leave their country with boats.
Almost all the boats had been drowned. The Muslims died including some
children and women.

Latest major calculation of facts in 2 recent months:

1) 22 mosques had been burned by the extremist Buddhists which their ethnic is Rakhine, and they were helped by Myanmar’s soldiers.

2) Thousands al-Quran had been burned, step on and peed on.

3) 2 Muslims’ schools had been burned by the extremist Buddhists.

4) 20,000 Muslims Rohingya had been killed. (in some other news there are 52,000 killed Muslims in recent two months)

5) 5,000 Muslims Rohingya immigrated to save their religion and life. Some of them were forced to immigrate.

6) 30,000 Muslims Rohingya were disappeared without any news.

7) 5,000 Muslim Women had been raped.

8) 17 Muslims’ villages had been burned.

to see some problems of migrated Myanmarian Muslims or

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