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Bhuddists massacre Muslims (Burma)

Muslims Massacre Chronology in Myanmar

June ā€“ July 2012

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency)
- According to recent News these days, Muslims in Myanmar are in a
disaster situation, thousands have been killed, Tens of houses,
villages, and mosques have been burned and thousands are died because of
bad situation. ABNA has received several news from some Muslims
resisting in the Myanmar that follow in sequence order. We also are
preparing a historical report of this disaster which we publish it soonā€¦

June, 3, 2012

death body of a Buddhist girl was found and she has been raped in
Arakan, Myanmar. A rumor was spreaded that the criminals were Muslims of
Rohingya. So the extremist Buddhists became so angry, and began
attacking Rohingya Muslims, started with kil

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