[WATCH] Muslim Refugees DEMAND U.S. Tax Payers Foot The Bill For This

BY madworldnews.com/author/amanda-shea/ / ON SEPTEMBER 22, 2014 AT 5:56 PM

Muslim imports in Minnesota are demanding the local food pantry be stocked with “halal” non-pork food for their American tax-paid meals.

For a group on the public’s dollar, their arrogance and self-entitlement is unprecedented, especially to claim “human rights” for a reason to get the goods paid for which only adds insult to injury.

Imam Hassan Mohamud spoke on behalf of the group when he said, “A group of first-generation Somali Americans says they need help in developing a food shelf that specializes in healthy foods that do not contain pork or pork byproducts. It’s about human rights also, basic human rights to get the proper food and also healthy food.”

This is not about Muslims “making do” or getting help on what to eat. The Koran demands that Muslim make any country they live in adapt to them and participate in Sharia Law. The last thing they plan to do is assimilate, toprightnews.com/?p=5981 reported.

Why stop at halal food? How long until these Muslim refugees on America’s dime start demanding separate entrances to the food pantry for men and women and separate entrances for Muslims who don’t want to see any Christmas or holiday food or decorations?

These Somali Muslim refugees flooded the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas after Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and later Barack Obama imported them and provided massive “refugee” centers. The majority survive on public assistance.

Giving a helping hand to those is need is not the issue. What is a problem is that nearly all the “American” Muslims who have recently joined the Islamic State have been Somalis from Minneapolis. The relatives of these refugees are demanding that Americans adhere to the same Sharia Laws the Islamic State fighters impose throughout the Middle East.

Tax-payers in Minneapolis constantly find themselves funding the demands of the Somali Muslim residents. The infiltration of these individuals to the city has coincided with an uptick in crime.Somalis have demanded that a $48 million Sharia-compliant youth center be built to keep Somali gangs “out of trouble,” according to refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/2009/09/02/minneapoli.

The entitlement mentality in this group thrives since their shouts for government paid goodies have been met by Minnesota liberals, including foot-washing basins in the area’s airport.

Whoever said “beggars can’t be choosers” never met Somali Muslim refugees in Minnesota.