Cops Burning Down Your Life for Advocating Paying Less Taxes?

This is my Live Leak Your Say. Your life can be burned down if you advocate paying less property, or other, taxes. Police may feel that you are saying you want their brethren fired, that they should be paid less, and that you should never mess with a man's livelihood. So, who runs your town, the police, or elected officials?

The real answer may surprise you.

Whomever can spy on you, owns you.

Are you owned?

Got freedom?

Well, if you are threatened with arrest for voting, or for free speech, what, if any, rights do you have? Advocate paying less property taxes and your life can be burned down. Your marriage, your family unity, owning your own home, and your having a job are all in jeopardy. Breathing is a privilege, not a right.

More information is provided [].

No matter where in the US that you live (or anywhere in the world), this truth is self-evident.


By: SvenVonErick (1458.52)

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