Mentally Unstable Man Attacks Airport Police is Shot and Killed

Newly released video might offer a reason for anyone who has ever said...

"Why didn't they shoot him in the leg?"
"Why didn't they tazer him?"
"Why didn't they hit him with a baton?"

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On January 7, 2015, at approximately 12:45 p.m.,
Columbus Regional Airport Authority police officers were investigating an unauthorized vehicle parked in a restricted area outside the Port Columbus terminal. At about the same time, officers were alerted to a man who attempted to purchase a plane ticket with identification
belonging to a female. The man did not purchase a plane ticket and left the building.

These two incidents, which at first did not seem connected, were reported to the Airport Communications Center. Personnel in the Communications Center were able to focus a
security camera on the suspicious vehicle, which was soon approached by the man who attempted to purchase the plane ticket. The police officer who had been initially dispatched to the ticket counter made his way to the parking area to talk with the driver.

After a brief discussion and request for identification, the man suddenly produced a knife and attacked the officer. As the officer moved back from his attacker, he was blocked by a parked car and fell backwards onto the hood. He fired his weapon from the hip at close range as the assailant continued the knife attack. The injured attacker was pushed away and fell to the ground,
allowing the officer to move to a position of safety.

After a few seconds, the attacker, with the knife still in his hand, got up and began to move toward the officer. A second officer arrived on scene and drew his duty weapon. With this officer providing cover, the first officer holstered his handgun and drew his Taser to subdue the man. The Taser malfunctioned and was ineffective.

Officer #2, a departmental defensive tactics instructor, was not carrying a Taser on his utility uniform. Since he is an expert with an expandable baton, he felt that he could disarm the man with his baton. He holstered his handgun, drew his baton, and engaged the man. He was successful in delivering one blow with the baton, but the knife was retained and the man continued past
him toward the terminal doorways.

As officer #2 again drew his firearm,officer #3 came out of the terminal and engaged the advancing,
knife-wielding man as he neared the entrance to the terminal building. Officer #3 fired three shots, stopping the threat.

Police officers secured the suspect and administered first aid as airport fire department medics were dispatched. Medics were on scene in less than five minutes and provided medical attention, but the man did not survive.