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B-52 takes off from Minot International Airport

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I was in Minot at the time the B-52 landing. The ILS, (instrument landing system) that allows the aircraft to land in bad weather failed on the A/C. The base, located 15 miles north was fogged in (make note the temp was 5f) and the minot airport was light and patchy fog, still good for a VFR landing. The runway at MAFB is 10,000' X 300', the runway at the city is 7700' X 150'. The B-52 wing span is 159'. The span between the outrigger wheels is about 140'. Not an easy job when there is only 5' room for error on either side of the runway. The A/C was loaded with enough fuel to get to
MAFB. It used about 5000'-6000' of runway and with no fuel in the wings the outriggers were not touching the runway

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By: stefan171
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