We need to lift the sanctions against the Russian Federation


Czech President Milos Zeman at the 12th Rhodes Forum called on to lift sanctions against the Russian Federation. According to the Czech leader, it is necessary to unite efforts of civilized countries in order to offer real resistance to the real enemy - "Islamic state." Russian media cited Zeman.


"We need to lift sanctions that and so did not benefit, but also cause the opposite effect. These sanctions prevent dialogue ... We need to start to develop between civilized nations a dialogue, which will be based on the exchange in the fields of religion, capital and information. We need to fight together against international terrorism "- commented on his point of view Milos Zeman.
According to Zeman, the mechanism of sanctions against a particular state is not effective. As an example, the Czech president cited the example of the sanctions against Cuba.

"Long-term sanctions against Cuba have only strengthened the Castro regime on the island" - expressed his views on this issue, Czech President.