Video of January 2015 Incident in Which Cop Shot Woman While Trying to Shoot Her Dog

BURLINGTON, IA: A brief 12-second clip from a body camera worn by Officer Jesse Hill shows snippets of a January 6th incident in which Hill fatally wounded 34-year old Autumn Mae Steele in front of her husband and son while attempting to shoot the family's German Shepard. The dog had allegedly jumped on Hill and bit hit thigh, although accounts by Steele's husband and a neighbor differ from the official police claims regarding what happened.

Hill was deemed to have acted reasonably and was cleared of criminal charges by the Des Moines County Attorney on February 27th, and has since returned to duty. The remaining body cam footage remains unreleased because the Iowa Public Information Board has deemed it part of the investigative file, which allows it to be withheld.

More information about the incident when it happened is