Two rockets hit Russian embassy in Damascus

Two missiles hit the Russian Embassy in Damascus

Two missiles hit today the Russian embassy in Damascus at the time when he began his rally in support of Russia, whose air force carried out air strikes to support the authorities in that country, reports the agency.

The agency Tanjug reported that the Syrian rebels today with two missiles hit the Russian Embassy in Damascus at a time when the front of the building gathered about 300 supporters of the government of President Bashar Assad to express gratitude to Moscow for intervention in Syria.

An AP reporter was on the scene when the first missile hit the building of the Russian embassy in the center of the Syrian capital, after which the sites targeted tried dim.

When the crowd began to flee the embassy fell and other missiles.

An employee of the Embassy said the agency TASS that the officers no one was injured.

"Two shells fell on the territory of the Embassy this morning," said the agency TASS first secretary of the diplomatic mission Eldar Kurbanov.

Eyewitnesses said that among the participants of the peaceful rally has several injured.