Pedophile UK: United Kingdom Suffering a Pedophile Epidemic Unseen any where else in the World.

Dirty 30

- Major paedo gangs probed by cops
- Pervs lure kids with cash and drugs

THE shocking scale of the threat posed by paedophile gangs is revealed
today — with at least THIRTY major police investigations under way.

Massive resources are being ploughed into operations targeting child sex gangs
who use alcohol, drugs, cash or celebrity status to groom victims.
It comes after a rise in the number of reported cases following the Jimmy
Savile scandal and the Rochdale paedo ring — which has so far seen ten men

Hundreds of officers are working on operations around the country.

In the past, units tackling sex abuse have been the Cinderellas of policing,
with a comparative shortage of resources. But their manpower is now on a
similar level to murder probes.

Last night Peter Davies, chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online
Protection Centre, said police were taking the threat from paedophiles “very

And he commented on the high number of investigations: “Without a shadow of a
doubt, some of it is because there is greater awareness of what is going on.”

The full extent of police action against child sex gangs emerged from Freedom
of Information requests to the 43 forces in England and Wales by online
investigative news service Exaro.

Eleven failed to provide data on current operations because statistics are not
collated. Among them was West Midlands, one of the country’s biggest forces,
and Nottingham, once a major centre of child prostitution.

The Metropolitan Police would only confirm four operations on the grounds that
working out the actual figure would be “too time-consuming”.

It means the true number of major investigations is likely to be much
higher than 30.

The Met, which is conducting the Savile-related Operation Yewtree, last week
launched a separate probe into a paedophile ring allegedly including MPs
three decades ago.

The force with the largest number of operations is Lancashire, with six. A
spokeswoman said: “We are involved in investigations into child sexual
exploitation on a daily basis.”

NOT long ago when you talked about paedophile rings, gangs or networks, people
would look at you like you had been abducted by aliens.

So you have no idea how pleased we are to see the authorities finally taking
these vile sex criminals seriously.

Fight back ... Dr Sara Payne, left, and Shy Keenan

Stewart Williams

The picture of paedophiles being ugly, stupid, mostly poor, easily frightened
loners is a myth. All too often the exact opposite can be true. Indeed, some
are attractive, smart, professionals — wealthy, empowered groups of
like-minded pervs working together to sexually abuse and exploit children.

High-profile cases like Rochdale and Savile have highlighted the dire problems
the authorities have turned a blind eye to. Things are changing because of
them — but not enough and not fast enough.

We don’t think it’s good enough to be brushed off with “it’s too
time-consuming” to give a real picture.

We want to know what we are really up against so that we can all fight back
in a smarter way.

Countless children are desperately waiting for our help and protection.