Train surfing on the high speed train Sapsan (Russia)

Riding on the outside of the high speed train EVS2-03 "Sapsan" from Vishniy Volochek to Bologoe railway station (45 km) with top speed 200 kmh at Moscow - St.Petersburg railway line. The most of rail guards at the departure station even hadn't spotted the train surfer, however one of them reported to the next station. At the end of this trip train surfer surrendered to the police and finally was fined for 2.5 Euro, that's a lot cheeper than the cost of a ticket.

Track list used in this video:
1. Bonkers 17 CD1, Track 14: Fracus ft. Ali - Your Guiding Light
2. Bonkers 17 CD1, Track 15: Scott Brown - Roll The Track (Gammer Remix)
3. Bonkers 17 CD1, Track 16: Eclipse - Hearts Desire (Brisk&Vagabond Remix)
4. Bonkers 17 CD1, Track 17: Brisk&Vagabond - Lift Me Up
5. DJ Ravine 10-minute happy hardcore mix: Leah Cim - Shine Forever (Mikk Remix)
6. DJ Ravine 10-minute happy hardcore mix: Frisky Hujib - The One (Re-Con Remix)
7. Bonkers 17 CD1, Track 12: Euphoria ft MC Wotsee Tess - Final Goodbye



Por: Ride4Freedom (34.30)

Etiquetas: yoursay, train surfing extreme russia high-speed sapsan velaro ice zug crazy stunt

Ubicación: Bologoye, Tver Oblast, Russia