Woman's guitar fail when hammock snaps and she falls into river

A singer's selfie video went drastically wrong - when a hammock snapped and sent her plunging into a RIVER.

Kwanwasu Sintirawat, 30, positioned herself next to stream outside her mother's home in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, on Wednesday morning.

But mid-way through the rendition of Thai love song ''Do you miss me? When you... '' the green cloth hammock strung up between two trees gave way.

Kwanwasu dropped onto her backside before toppling over backwards into the dirty water - scratching her shoulders on rocks and damaging her iPhone which was next to her.

She said today (March 2): ''I visited my mom for one week before returning back to my house and I was playing the guitar alone in the forest behind my mum's house.

''That day my mom was quite busy, I never tried to play this song before so I spent time for 20 minutes to record the song 'Do you miss me? When you ... "'

''I recorded around three times but I cannot play the song, until finally I nearly recorded the song but the hammock broke and I fell into the water.

''I can's stop laughing myself and took my self back to my mum's house. When my mum saw me she asked, 'What happened? I said the hammock is broken and I fell into the water!"

''She was laughing at me and she said, 'It was broken before'. But she had forgotten to tell me.''


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