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The sensational Carroll Foundation Maryland Trust multi-billion dollar offshore tax fraud bribery case took a further twist with sources confirming that the FBI Los Angels Director and the Los Angeles Police Department's Chief Charlie Beck are understood to be closely monitoring the unfolding developments which involve the billionaire aviator industrialist Howard Hughes estate interests.

Sources have confirmed that Loeb & Loeb the major American law firm with offices in Los Angeles New York Chicago and Washington DC has been named with Slaughter and May as Gerald Carroll's worldwide interests lawyers in one of the largest ever white collar organized crime cases in modern economic history.

It has emerged that the Carroll Foundation Trust industrial empire spanned Europe Australia United States of America and the Russian Federation controlling vast land areas in Australia and Russia involving agri-industrial enterprises sheep stud farms meat processing operations within an area of land the size of Wales. Trans-continental commercial real estate holdings banking and financial concerns in Gibraltar and Nassau Bahamas. Global share holdings in publicly quoted and privately held military-industrial corporations together with the Gerald Carroll Trust carried interests in the late billionaire Howard Hughes estate.

Well seasoned Los Angeles financial observers have said that Loeb & Loeb has also been explicitly named in the explosive FBI Scotland Yard criminal standard of proof prosecution files which contain forged and falsified State of Delaware registered Carroll Anglo-American Corporation conglomerate structures which are directly linked to forged and falsified UK Companies House registered Carroll Trust Corporations that effectively impulsed the embezzlement and criminal liquidation of a staggering two billion dollars of Carroll Global Corporation's worldwide interests spanning an incredible sixteen years.

The Howard Hughes estate interests which at the time of his death on April 5th 1976 embraced the Summa Corporation Hughes Aircraft Corporation Hughes Helicopters and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Maryland which have been named as a connected party to the Carroll Aircraft Corporation the Carroll Anglo-American Corporation and the Maine Investments Gibraltar in what is termed as the Hughes Carroll Trust estate interests case.

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