Occupy Wall Street Protester End the Fed - Best Rant!

Protester Nails It
The Patriot in this video is YT user CptnMidnite aka "chris"
Also, a couple of quotes "chris" recently left on the original video:

"Hi, I'm the guy from the video, please excuse me if i wasn't clear on some of my points as i came across I had been talking and educating some of the lost people all day. If you were listening to the Glenn Beck Show I didn't mean to abolish fractional banking, that's essential, but i believe that the ratio should be something like 4/1 not 10/1. I AM NOT for ending capitalism, i believe in the free markets, i believe in ending corporatism. We need true laissez faire capitalism."


"I'm the one from the video I do not support obama he is a representation of the corporations not the people."