24 year ol german/moroccan rapper kills 16 year old ex-girlfriend

The 24 year old german/moroccan rapper "percee" aka "G-Rome Boateng" stabbed his 16 year old german girlfriend, because she ended the relationship.

After she ended the relationship via whatsapp she drove to the flat share percee lived in. An argument started which was endet by percee by stabbing her multiple times. Other residents heard the screams and called the police and ambulance, who found the blood covered girl on the ground. She died at the spot.

After the stabbing, the moroccan escaped, like a real rapper, with his bicycle to the next parking deck. He went on top of the building and jumped to death. He was later found still alive, but died luckily on his way to the hospital.

Link for picture, close the Paywall, picture is available for all users.


German newspaper are reporting very, very cautios on that one. Only on local newspaper and the Bildzeitung reported about this in Germany so called "Einzelfall", individual case, because there are so many of them. Those Zimmerman and Brown cases went viral on German newspaper for weeks, but if an immigrant kills just another autochthonous girl they all remain silent.

The rapper was a student of social works, pretty much the lowest field of study you can choose in Germany. He also "worked" as a social worker. Which means he got paied for sneaking around with his mates. There are also pictures which show him together with the green party member Hans-Christian Ströbele, who was a lawyer of the Red Army Fraction terrorists in Germany.


If you ask me, the media is guilty on this homicide. There are many of these "individual cases", like killing ex-girlfriends, acid attacks or long lasting stalking from muslim guys to their nonbeliever girlfriends. But media still wont tell you that a girl is just a property to a muslim man and if she decides to end the realtionship, very likely become victim of a nasty crime.

One of his videos. At least listen to his introduction the first 10 seconds...

Some links, only in german:





At least i would like to end with some greetings to our german newspaper editorial staff, i guess some are leaking as well because some of them putting LL videos on their websites.

Fuck you all you guilty bastards!

Nuff said.