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"FREELOADERS" A Fox News Channel Special (patr 1/2)

March 26, 2011 11:32 AM by John StossellIn big government America today, it is the rich people who freeload the most. Corporations do it. And rich individuals do it. People like me.
Years ago, I built this beach house on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. My father told me, not do it, it was too risky. No one should build so close to an ocean. But I built anyway. Why? Because cheap federal flood insurance guaranteed my investment.
Congress created the National Flood Insurance Policy to help foolish people who dont buy private flood insurance and then lose their home when the water rises. Politicians said people didn`t want to buy private insurance because the greedy private companies charged too much. The politicians would hire people to price the policies properly. Give me a break.
Today taxpayers guarantee insurance for billions of dollars in waterfront property. You may foot t

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