HLS protest at home of Danaher Senior VP

On the evening of the 22nd of April, Danaher Senior Vice President Jonathan Graham got another home demo against his company's involvement with puppy-killing Huntingdon Life Sciences or HLS.Danaher is the parent company of Beckman-Coulter, a supplier to HLS.

Near the beginning of the protest, two neighbors asked questions and were supportive of the protest.About 7 minutes into the action cops showed up.

When the first cop first showed up,he attempted to bypass the designated police liason and engage another protester who has been targeted for harassment before. It appeaered his goal was to disrupt the protest. Other cops soon reminded him that the protesters had every legal right to be there under DC and US laws.

After that,the cops knocked on Johnathan Graham's door, and Mr Graham answered. This proved that he was home, and shouts of "Puppy killer!" answered him.

Shortly therafter, protesters left while the cops were still at Johnathan Graham's house.