Evil Russians killed my entire family

Evil Russians killed my entire family

"The evil Russians killed my entire family" Syrian refugees in Belgrade reveals a dark side of Russian bombers


The young man from Syria, who comes from a city that bombed the Russians told the "Blic" that Russian forces are bombing civilians and that it was in their air strike he lost family members.

- The Russians have said they want to destroy ISIS, but only bombed civilians. Two days ago, the bombing killed 40 people, none of whom were terrorists. I lost four relatives in the attack - says for "Blic" Somar from Talbiseha, a city that two days ago the Russians bombed.


Somar (22), who escaped from the horrors of war, and whom we have met yesterday in Belgrade, says that the Russians have just one party taking part in the war.

- I believe that the Russians will strengthen the regime in Syria, which was almost broken, but I'm not interested. Asad is a big criminal about him, I do not think anything good. With the Russians or without them, everything is one. In Syria, but is fighting a myriad of groups, so that another side, more or less makes no difference - revolted by the Somar.

His family says he killed in Talbisehu, where they are currently stuck, and couldn't all run away from there right now that I can.


Recall, Russia on Wednesday began with air strikes on the territory of Syria. Western media reports that the Russians attacked and Islamists (isis / isil), but other rebels, and killed civilians.

Russian forces also continued last night with heavy air attacks on the positions of Islamists and rebels in Syria. According to announcements from the top of the Russian authorities, these attacks have only just begun and is planned to last for four months.