Barber killed over haircut

google translate "In Moscow, a man killed a hairdresser for the fact that he allegedly badly cut his hair. The video of the murder was posted to the network by one of the master's clients, who emphasizes the professionalism of the 24-year-old native of Uzbekistan.

He writes in a commentary on the video that a man came to the hairdresser Dastan Adekhanov, did a haircut, but the next day came back, saying that he looked at the house in the mirror, and he did not like the result. For a haircut in the economy salon, he paid 200 rubles.

The hairdresser remade, the fact that the man did not like it, but he began to beat him, dragged him to the street, where he made several strokes with a pre-prepared skewer. All three stab wounds wounded the young man in the heart."


By: jasonandrews2014 (20030.10)

Tags: murder, stab

Location: Russia