HEAT (1995) One of the best movie sceens ever made,

Remember when I had my projector installed with a 108" screen and a massive surround system... good times (that was before my wife and baby)!


x The actors who took part in the robbery sequence had to undergo power weapons training.

x The cast was given weapons and tactics training by former British Special Air Service Sergeant Andy McNab. He has a cameo as one of the cops who breaks into Henry Rollins's flat.

x The scene involving the shootout after the bank robbery was particularly tricky to film since they were only allowed to film on the weekends.

x In June of 2002, the scene involving the shootout after the bank robbery was shown to United States Marine recruits at MCRD San Diego as an example of the proper way to retreat while under fire.

x In the fire fight scene after the bank robbery, Chris crouches at the rear of a car in order to change a magazine. The registration plate of this car reads '2LUP382' 'LUP' in British Army terminology is 'Lying Up Position'. 2LUP would reflect that this was the second Lying Up Position for Chris - his first being behind a green car.

x The rifle used by Lt. Vincent Hanna in the bank hold-up shoot-out is a Fabrique Nationale FNC in 5.56mm (.223 Remington).

Turn up the volume and ENJOY!