Primate Liberation Week protest hits HLS supplier parent Danaher

On october 19th, Animal rights activists decended on Danaher Corportion
to name and shame them with a early morning "meet and greet" demo
followed up with another lunchtime demo. The police where called both
time, however on the second visit to Danher, activists explained why we
were there, to a passionate passerby, which resulted in the passerby
spitting on the windows of the Danaher global HQ in DC.
Danaher, the parent company of Beckman Coultier, who supply lab
equipment to HLS, who have been caught in 7 separate undercover
inveestigations punching beagle puppies in the face and dissecting live
monkeys without painkillers.

Beckman Coultier is suing LA animal activists seeking an injunction, and
has spent more money on lawsuit than value of their HLS contract, which
is for only $85,000.