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Western Media Now Making Claims About Syrian Nuclear Stockpile
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The attached image shows the following discussed article in full. The Financial Times requires a subscription to view online articles, though they can be retrieved for free via google cache:

On 8 January the Financial Times published an article by James Blitz, its Defence and Diplomatic Editor, titled 'Fears raised over Syria uranium stockpile'

It is premised primarily on the 'fears' and otherwise subjective ruminations of unnamed 'official' and 'expert' sources, one the two named sources being former weapons inspector David Albright (discussed further below).

The claims of Blitz's sources rest on the argument that, because we lack proof that something is false, it must be true (an ad ignorantiam argument). For example, Blitz states that, 'Three satellite pictures of the Marj al-Sultan site taken in October, November and December of 2012 and shown to the FT [...] appear to show the gr


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