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So who's the real fiscal conservative?
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I wouldn't have predicted this. Would you?

Here are the last five presidents - Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 - and the percent by which the national debt increased during their tenure. The two presidents under whom the debt rose the least were democrats, the three under whom the debt rose the most were republicans.

So who are the real fiscal conservatives? It's interesting, watching the republicans fighting so hard to add another 700 billion to the national debt by passing a new law to income above the first $250,000 per year at the same rate at which the first $250,000 is taxed, as opposed to taxing it at a higher rate (the dem plan).

I'm so glad those republicans are out there stacking a ton more debt on our kids instead of fighting for you and me and the rest of the folks on main street. Aren't you?


Added: Nov-17-2010 
By: nrdesieyes
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