If you killed an undesirable journalist in Ukraine, a high bail would be paid for you and you would be beared on the hands of fans and with flowers

The alleged killer of the Ukrainian journalist Oles Buzina greeted as a hero and with flowers. Denis Polishchuk (alleged killer) was carried out from the detention center on the hands of activists, right-wing radicals. The accused in the case of high-sensational murders of Oles Buzina has not spent under arrest even a week. He was released on bail. Size of bail was about 250 000$ (an unprecedented sum for any bail). The average salary in Kiev is just 100-150$ per month (ref.) All ukrainian media was showing this helping the celebration of release.

Oles Buzina was a Ukrainian journalist, famous writer and publisher. He was killed near his flat in center of Kiev in April 2015. At the same time a series of contract murders of opposition persons have happed in Kiev during that week. In first days the Ukrainian officials blamed russian secret services in that murders. Later in June 2015 the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said, that the the killing has been disclosed and the suspect in the crime has been captured.

At the same time Ukranian pro-maydan journalist Ruslan Kotsaba was accused of treason and placed under arrest in January 2015. Kotsaba was spoken out against the war in Donbase. The bail was denied for him. Democracy and justice has finally come to Ukraine