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(Iran) Baha'i Prisoners Ask to Be Executed...


An open letter from Iraj Ayman, after a brief telephone call from Fariba Kamalabadi.

To the last upholders of any remaining human decency in the World:

The most pure, the most innocent, and the truly Godly and saintly Baha'is, Fariba Kamalabadi & Mahvash Sabet, after three years of continued humiliating captivity in the worst dungeon of the World in Iran as prisoners of conscience, after the miraculous course of epic events and super human accounts of their purifying power in action even in the subterranean dungeon leading to the moral and mental transformation of the worst of killers and criminals, have now been removed, along with some 300 to 400 unfortunate and pathetic souls (criminals and political prisoners alike), and cast into the worst animal slaughter-house and thrown into sub-animal conditions.

Filled with filth of human waste and urine due to onl

Added: May-10-2011 
By: Muhammad_ibn_Abdullah
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