For Immediate Release: US President Obama Applies For “Best Job In The World” Aussie Offer

For Immediate Release: US President Obama Applies For “Best Job In The World” Aussie Offer

Miami, Florida February 22, 2009- Is President Barack Obama seeking another job? Several rumors
have been flying across the net as of late that he has been looking and that he even applied for the
“Best Job In The World” offered up by the Queensland Australian tourism board as a promotion
to increase tourism to down under.

Well both rumors are true. And there is even a video of President Obama
rapping skillfully as he “video” interviews to prove it. It has now surfaced
and can be seen on Youtube:;feature=channel

It turns out that Miami entertainer/rapper JK Citizen had created the video
as a way to get to the head of the pack in the Australian contest.

The tongue in cheek video portrays President Obama as he raps his way
through his interview and explains exactly why he “needs” the job.
Funny, catchy and clever are the words that come to mind upon viewing.

JK Citizen is the musical artist who had a huge overnight amount of attention
on Youtube during the Presidential race this past year with his song and video
“Rock The Vote America”. He acquired over 150,000 visitors in a short time
which led to much press and publicity.

His current album is due out shortly (after what his press agent says is a “minor” delay) and
his video “Roc Me” can also now be seen on Youtube. or just look up JK Citizen in
any search engine.

This video is funny, yet in good taste and makes you wonder what must be
going on in the Presidents mind with all that he’s faced with these days.

I recommend it to all and I can’t help but think, what if JK Citizen actually won?

Now that would be worth watching weekly. He’s definitely a candidate for the “wildcard”.

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