Questions Surrounding Charlie Hebdo Shooting — Is This Another Gladio-Style Operation

the journalists from Charlie Hebdo only gather in their Paris office once per week for an editorial meeting. “A Charlie Hebdo reporter told the French newspaper Le Monde that the attackers had to have been informed that the editorial meeting was taking place, otherwise there are not many people on the premises.” So who informed the shooters about the meeting schedule?
There were police inside Charlie Hebdo offices before the attack took place. Why were they so worthless defending the place?

The video of the execution-style point-blank shooting of a downed police officer on the sidewalk with an AK-47 assault rifle showed no blood or splatter. Par for the course, these videos are being pulled off of You Tube by Google, but here is one still up.

Mossad and French security services appear to have had their posters
printed in advance? Amchai Stein, the deputy editor of Israeli IBA
Channel 1, just happened to be at the scene and was front and center
posting photos of the shooting.

The “Muslim” gunmen ran a very professional operation and were masked.
Yet they just happened to leave their ID cards laying inside their
vehicle. That is a classic patsy set up move.Although the police shootings appear faked, the attack on the
offices of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, likely by assets of
Mossad, appears to have been a real hit. CH was running rather offensive
agitation propaganda of all sorts , so it could have been a front. The
publication has repeatedly made fun of the Mossad agent Abu Bakr
al-Baghdadi (Simon Elliot) the head if ISIS. The Mossad reportedly
wanted revenge for French MPs voting in favor of a Palestinian state.
France voted against Israel at the UN. The U.K. abstained.
The objective of the attack is most likely an attempt to turn public
opinion against Muslims in general and bring the French Parliament back
in line for wars against boogeymen.