Why, I'm not saying - U.S. Border Patrol Checkpoint, 9 February 2014

With a town named after the shape of its intersection, Why, Arizona often sounds like a question rather than an answer.
And in an Abbot and Costello-esque “Who’s on First” style interview it doesn’t take long for Agent Douglas to decide the traveler that isn’t saying comes from Left-Field.

In this US Border Patrol’s 3rd line of defense Agents Today catch more people trying to go home rather than escape it.

Agent Douglas: Run Forrest Run!
Rob: (smiles)
Agent Douglas: I’m laughing at your plate there. I’m sorry. Where are you coming from today, sir?
Rob: Why.
Agent Douglas: I’m sorry?
Rob: Why.
Agent Douglas: I’m just trying to figure out where you’re coming from.
Rob: Why, Arizona. Why.
Agent Douglas: Oh, Why, Arizona. I thought you were asking me why as in why am I asking.
Rob: Heh heh.
Agent Douglas: And where are you headed to now?
Rob: I’m not saying.
Agent Douglas: Oh, okay. This your vehicle sir?
Rob: I’m not saying.
Agent Douglas: You’re not going to say, huh? Alright. Do you have any ID on you sir?
Rob: I’m not saying.
Agent Douglas: You’re not saying if you have any ID on you?
Rob: No.
Agent Douglas: (okay)
Superior Agent: (scratches cheek to signal Agent Douglas)
Agent Douglas: Have a good day sir.
Rob: Thank you.

Peeking and prodding at the public along the Nation’s Highways was allowed for Immigration Inspection purposes by the U.S. Supreme Court in the 1970s.

These Suspicionless Stops are set up strategically around the Country and within 100 miles of US Borders. Power, paranoia and a relentless search for control expands these Checkpoints beyond the Authority they’ve been granted If there’s a town called “I’m not saying”, I’m going there.

9 February 2014
18 Miles south of Gila Bend, Arizona
Exercising a Right to Remain Silent



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