Dashcam Video Released: Deputy Injured By Drunk Driver

It looked like a routine traffic stop but things changed quickly when a suspected drunk driver slammed into a Dane County Deputy's squad car.

"I was about ready to open my door and as I did I felt a big thud hit my car. I saw lights go flying by. "

At about 2:30 AM, Dane County Sheriff's Deputy Trent Schafer pulled a Jeep over on Highway 14 just west of the Beltline. He was getting ready to get out of his squad, when a suspected drunk driver rear-ended his vehicle. That driver then slammed into the Jeep that the deputy had originally pulled-over.

Deputy Schafer says, "My first instinct was to get out and at least make sure nobody was injured."

The suspected drunk driver: 20-year-old Stephanie Hallio of Milwaukee.

"She asked why I had my break lights on. She said why'd you have your break lights on. She didn't know she'd hit anybody."

Deputy Schafer says her blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit and officials later discovered she was in possession of a controlled substance.

The driver of the Jeep wasn't hurt; and was later released without a citation.

As for Deputy Schafer, he says he was never really worried about his safety, but his wife is a different story.

Deputy Schafer says, " My pregnant wife was a little more concerned than I was. She's about ready to deliver any day now so she was more concerned than I was. "

Deputy Schafer was back on the job Thursday night. He busted two people for operating while intoxicated.

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