New Tel Aviv Harbour, 19 May 1936

19 May 1936 the SS Cetorti unloaded the first 20 tonnes of cement in the Tel Aviv harbour at a small wooden pier.

On the 15th of May 1936 the British Mandatory Government authorized the unloading of food cargo onto Tel Aviv's beaches. The harbor is located on the beach of the on the peninsula. Within 24 hours an access road and a customs shed were built. Opposite of Café Galina Sapir (1934 - 1999) a short wooden pier was constructed. One month after the start of the, on the 19th of May 1936, was born. The first ship to arrive at the harbour was the SS Cetorti with a cargo of cement. One of the factors that led to the establishment of the harbour was the citrus fruit market, one of the central export markets for agricultural products. As it was impossible to transport the produce to Haifa Harbour due to the security situation,, near the fruit orchards of the coastal strip and the regions, was designated for citrus exports.


By: Falcko Delaweena (1443.00)

Tags: Tel Aviv, Israel, 19 May 1936, harbour

Location: Jaffa, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel