Firefighters rescue American stuck up tree

"Officer Tackleberry, can you get my American down from that tree ?....

Fire departments may be used to rescuing kittens from trees, but saving a grown man from a branch is something else altogether.

A man in Lincoln, Nebraska was hanging up a swing for his daughter from a branch about four metres above the ground when he lost his nerve.

His fiancée filmed him clinging to the tree in the front yard of his home as he was questioned by local firefighters.

"I'm shaking really bad and I can't hold on," he told them.

"I feel embarrassed."

A fire truck with sirens blaring then came to the man's rescue, raising their ladder and bringing him back to solid ground.

"I told the dispatch this is not a joke," his fiancée said as she filmed him.

After the rescue he is seen wiping tears from his eyes before shaking hands with the emergency crew.

A Lincoln Fire Department official confirmed to ninemsn that the rescue took place on Saturday local time.