Extinguishing Raging Oil Fires

A coworker of mine was part of the effort sent to Kuwait to extinguish the oil well fires that Saddam and his retreating forces set at the end of the Gulf War. He lead both American and Canadian teams and helped establish the mo for putting out very high-pressure well fires using explosives. He helped create and stars in this documentary examining these fires. Anyway, he gave me a copy of his to enjoy and I loved it. It's too long to post in full despite the great footage but Since it's worth sharing I put some of the best scenes together. The run-time is approximately 14 minutes and you'll see how well fires were fought (dealing with heat, the boiling oil showers, stopping the flow of crude coming out at almost 800 miles per hour and more). Some may have seen this in full but for those that haven't, here are some of the best shots.