Raw Surveillance; Man In Wheelchair Beaten and Robbed

It's some of the most disturbing surveillance video police have seen in sometime; the tape shows teenagers attacking a wheelchair bound elderly man over a necklace.

Celedono Carrera is the 66-year-old victim who is doing ok after being pulled from his chair and beaten in his own driveway. The incident happened at Ward Towers on 54th street and NW 22nd Avenue. The public housing building is home for a number of senior citizens.

"It's a gang. It's not one person. I saw. It's a gang," said Carrera.

He was headed home after visiting a friend at the University of Miami hospital. He stepped on the Metrorail and noticed a group of thugs. According to Carrera, "It was a gang that runs through there. They dedicate themselves to robbing the elderly. They get on, and they watch and they signal each other. I noticed them, but I didn't pay any attention."

When Carrera got off at his stop on 54th street he noticed two men following him. "Since there were a lot of people in the streets, they weren't going to rob me in the streets, but when I came inside they came inside and they weren't going to miss the opportunity to rob me," said Carrera.

The first man dragged Carrera from his wheelchair all the while he fought back. "I gave him a punch right here. And cut him here. And I fought with him. And then he went to pull here and he took my big medallion that I had."

With his prize in hand the thug backed off just as another one moves in for Carrera's wallet. Thankfully his neighbors stepped in and stopped this outrageous attack. "The people came out of the building and started screaming and they left" said Carrera.

Carrera says if he sees his attackers he could identify them. However he doesn't hold much faith the police will be able to catch the cowards who prey on people like him.

"They are not going to get nobody. They got to hit the whole gang. Until the police get in the metro station, undercover, they are not going to get anybody," said Carrera.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at 305-471-TIPS.