Statistics show that more than every other rape are committed by immigrants

More than every other time judges found deed men guilty of rape in Europe, was to blame immigrants or descendants of foreigners, official figures from Statistics Europe.

Statistics show that Iraqis, Iranians, Turks and Somalis are grossly overrepresented among those convicted of rape in Denmark

This is how the body of a Swedish rape and murder victim
was found. Even though immigrants in Denmark are strongly
overrepresented as perpetrators of rape and other violent crime, the
situation in Sweden is far worse. Sweden is the nr. 1 rape country in
the world, only surpassed by Lesotho in Africa. Like in Norway, Denmark
and other European countries, most of these rapes are done by
immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers. But in Sweden they wisely don't
keep statistics on ehtnic backgrounds, and it is completely off limits
to even discuss reality in this Socialist nightmare.

More than half the time a judge found a perpetrator guilty of rape,
the convict was an immigrant or a descendant of immigrants, according to
official figures from the official statistics bureau, 'Danmarks Statistik'.
To be precise, 32 with a Danish background were convicted of rape in
2010, while 27 immigrants and 7 descendants of immigrants, 34 in total
were convicted of that crime.
When we look at convictions for rape over the last 7 years, it shows
that more than one out of every 3 rape convicts was an immigrant or a
descendant. In precisely 156 out of 450 convictions for rape since 2004
the perpetrator had an immigrant background.
Since immigrants and descendants only make up 10% of the Danish
population, this shows that there are more than three times as many with
foreign backgrounds who are convicted of rape, as there are Danes
convicted for the same crime. The numbers shocked the chair woman of the
parliamentary committee for judicial matters, Karina Lorenzen from the left wing Socialist Party [Socialistisk Folkeparti - SF] was shocked when she heard the figures.
It is very disturbing that immigrants and refugees are so grossly
overrepresented among those convicted of rape compared to indigenous
'Every rape is one too many. Now I don't know if the victims are Danish girls [you
bet they are almost exclusively Danish girls, just as the victims of
immigrant crime are exclusively indigenous white Danes],
but it seems as if there are some immigrants who have not learned, that a
girl in a short summer dress is not the same as an invitation to sex.