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Rachel Maddow & Barney Frank Discuss SCOTUS Decision

Okay, okay... despite the obvious jokes about this pair that write themselves (including one that just popped in my head regarding the acronym SCOTUS), this was a most delusional segment from MSNBC about the Supreme Court scaling back some of the restrictions of McCain-Feingold.

Liberals are gnashing their teeth, trying to convey that only "evil" corporations will benefit from this recent ruling, but it wasn't restricted only to right-wing or "obscene" profiteering corporations - the Unions will make out HUGE on this, as well. Why do you think the progressives are going nuts about this? Are they just trying to make political hay about it, or are they just so stupid they don't realize the beneficiaries of this ruling are on both sides of the political aisle?

I report, you decide. :-)

Added: Jan-26-2010 
By: MsUnderestimated
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