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Joe Somar on The People's Court

The defendant Joe Somar, from the band 'The Fugue', on The People's Court, explains why his life is hard. Even the bailiff guy in the
background finds it hilarious and cracks. :O
Curt: So, you were the storage guy for him?

Joe: Yeah it was fun.

Curt: Fun?

Joe: I just feel emancipated right now. It's been weighing heavy on me.

Curt: What do you mean?

Joe: I haven't slept in like eight days.

Curt: Really?

Joe: It's hard. It's hard being me.

Curt: Really?

Joe: Yeah.

Curt: What's the hardest part about being you?

Joe: Mustache.

Added: Sep-17-2007 
By: n3t1z3n_k4n3
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