Harper Government Regime Of Canada Deploys Sniper Units On Peaceful Civilian Protesters

Basically all hell is breaking loose; the main stream media is leaving out a LOT of information, and only mentioning that the natives threw Molotovs at police vehicles.

Please note:
One image of a row of RCMP vehicles shows the first vehicle on fire, the others undamaged, another photo taken from the other side of the vehicles later on, shows all of the vehicles burnt.

This shows that enough time passed for the authorities to stop the burning, but chose to do nothing for what would amount to better press coverage. RCMP have been known to use agent provokatures and to burn their own vehicles in the past at protests, up to and including attempting to bomb a civilian hospital in the 70s to frame a far right group, and another incident involving the arson of a civilian barn.

The molotoving, from what I have gathered, was a reprisal attack for RCMP storming the protest site and shooting at elders with rubber bullets and tear gas.

Snipers have been deployed surrounding the protest.

The lone reporter Miles Howe of the Halifax Media Co-Op has been arrested (Again, this passed July he was arrested at the protest and all charges later dismissed.); his last Facebook status was about 75 RCMP surrounding the protest with guns drawn.

An Armored Personal Carrier was also seen at the upheaval.

The Nation of Canada is splitting apart, many people refuse to accept the reality of the situation and continue to believe the RCMP are here to protect them; while many many others are well aware that "The Government is bullshit".

Many people fear the false Harper Government is attempting to incite an all out civil war with actions like this and their unabashed support for the most toxic industrialist activities the nation has ever know, taking it in less than one term from a nation of greenery to a nation that is one of the top polluters internationally.

The photos I have chosen to upload are from various sources including the DailyKos link below, MOST of this information is only available by carefully crawling through Facebook/Twitter links and comments looking for more images from the scene, from individuals cameras, there is a very carefully constructed media lie being presented to by the Major Media Outlets regarding this event.

Several Canadians attempted to figure who the snipers are, and could not as they do not appear to have any RCMP badges or markings.

I am not part of anything of whatever; this is just not getting any proper media attention particularly in Canada...

Full details for most pictures found here: