Black Man Arrested after Struggle with 9 People in Toronto’s CBC Building

This video is a sequel to another video posted earlier: On April 13, 2017, the free speech activist Eric Brazau held a small demonstration at the CBC building in downtown Toronto. The only person, who defended the demonstrators, was a black man. After Brazau's group left, the black man was confronted by the CBC security. Although he was not violent, police were called. They tried to handcuff him, which he resisted. Eventually, nine people swarmed over him, as he was lying down on the stage. After that, he was dragged out and kept for a long time with his head tightly pressed to the hood of a police car. It was starnge that such an amount of force was used, so maybe the police and the CBC security have a rational explanation about what they did. More pictures and coverage at:


By: BlogWrath (102.00)

Tags: Toronto, CBC, black man, police, excessive force, security, Canada

Location: United States