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This is the most polarizing administration we have seen in matters of race since the 1920s

By Dr. Victor Davis Hanson

I support the President on Afghanistan and am relieved he did not pull out of Iraq as once promised (all combat brigades out by March 1, 2008—he said during his initial campaigning).

That said, almost a year ago, I wrote that the Democratic congressional chest-thumping for Afghanistan, as the good war, would cease as soon as Bush left office and that Afghanistan, not Iraq, was always going to be the harder, messier war in the long run.

Just as the John Kerrys of the world lined up on October 10, 2002, to authorize the Iraq war to bolster their security fides in what they then thought would be another walk-through, only to bail with “Bush made me vote that way”, so too they sought cover in anti-war protest over Iraq by praising Afghanistan as the good war, thinking it was won, Iraq was lost, and Bush was in power.

Now Bush is history; Iraq is q


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  • Obamas Bozo Brigade

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  • Comment of user 'aussite' has been deleted by author (after account deletion)!
  • What does "... non hic porcus..." mean?
    No hillbilly pigs?

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  • hey you Americans cannot leave Iraq now its too late to pull out. If you were to leave now it would be in worst shape than it is now. Obama is going to follow Bush's plan. Its too late for you to pack up and just leave you know that if you did you would be leaving Iraq in worst shape than when you started.

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  • Doctor of what? Bullshittery?

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    • You two together seem to have an IQ below the national average of 100 which is the average score for one person.

      Victor Davis Hanson earned his Ph.D. in classics from Stanford University in 1980.
      born 1953 in Fowler, California) is a military historian, columnist, political essayist and former classics professor, notable as a scholar of ancient warfare.

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  • A characteristic of propaganda posts is the 'variety' of information.

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    • Whatever liberal arts college gave you a degree should be fined for malpractice. The amount of information is directly the result of me not correctly copy/pasting the daily blog. The other bits of info were not related to the title or topic and it was MY MISTAKE. You really do suffer from this:

      Chatterbox Syndrome:
      An interesting lingoneurological disorder discovered by Stephen Pinker that causes people who don't know what they are talking about to talk a lot more than people who do. The most f More..

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  • stfu kikes

    gas every jew

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